REGINA -- Windy conditions started to calm down this week, which allowed more producers to get into the field to spray for weeds and pests, according to this week’s crop report.

Dry cool temperatures have slowed growth in the south and east-central areas of the province.

The area of Gouldtown saw the most rain with 73.5mm. Over saturated fields have slowed spraying in some areas.

Topsoil is rated as two per cent surplus 69 per cent adequate, 22 per cent short and seven per cent very short.

Crop development is around the normal stage for this time of year.

“Provincially, 68 per cent of fall cereals, 69 per cent of spring cereals, 60 per cent of oilseed crops and 74 per cent of pulse crops are at their normal stages of development for this time of year. Dry topsoil moisture conditions have resulted in delayed emergence and development of later and smaller seeded crops,” a news release from the province said.

Damage was reported as a result of flea beetles which has impacted canola development.