Regina’s hip-hop scene has a new kid on the block.

His name is Bonfice, and he moved to Canada six years ago. Even before putting down roots in Saskatchewan, the young hip-hop artist had already begun creating songs.

“One day I decided to write my own music and I caught a lot of attention from people,” Bonfice said.

It hasn’t been easy. He not only moved to a new country; he had to learn how to speak and perform in English.

“English is not my first language but I try to write the best music they can hear and they really like it,” he said.

At the age of just 19, Bonfice has already gained over one thousand listeners on online music platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Even veteran music producers say he has a style that sets him apart.

“After Bonfice started rapping, there was 10 other people that messaged me saying ‘I want to sound like Bonfice’ like crazy…people just trying to copy his sound almost,” said audio engineer and music producer Kalen Jankoski.

As an emerging artist here in Regina, Bonfice hopes to keep building his audience and one day collaborate with other Canadian hip-hop artists like Drake.

“I look up to him a lot…like my first day rapping, he was the person I used to listen to the most,” the young artist said.

Bonfice says he wants to continue making music and branch out his music to platforms like Spotify. He also wants to make more music videos.