The federal government is investing $11.9 million dollars into Saskatchewan for gun and gang crime prevention.

“The Government of Canada’s greatest responsibility is keeping its citizens safe,” said Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. “Today’s announcement demonstrates the seriousness of guns and gangs in our neighbourhoods. By striking at the root of the guns and gangs problem in our communities, and stopping our most vulnerable youth from joining gangs in the first place, we are taking the right steps to make our communities safer.”

The announcement was made on Monday morning at RCMP F Division in Regina. The federal government said the money will be given to the province over the next five years to help reduce violent crime.

“We're hopeful and certainly within our consultations with provincial governments and with law enforcement we've been given the signal that this kind of investment that we're making today and that we're making in other places across the country… will make Canadian communities, where ever they are as safe and secure as they can possibly be," Goodale said.

The Government of Saskatchewan said this investment will go towards a provincially funded unit that helps communities identify gangs and the issues surrounding gangs, and enforcement.

“We’re going to enhance that particular unit and do some reconfiguration and maybe expansion,” said Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing.

The province said the funds will also help correctional centres identify who is part of a gang. Around 30 per cent of inmates in Saskatchewan are affiliated with gangs.

“We’re going to try and improve that particular aspect, the intelligence gathering and whatever the case may be to ensure that the people in there are safe but also when they get out that they will be safer and our communities will be safer,” Tell said.

The province said it will also use the funds to help community organizations with gang exit strategies.