A heavy downpour on Tuesday night led to some flash flooding in the Queen City.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, Regina received 34.2 millimetres of rain on Tuesday evening.

A thunderstorm moved through Regina around 6 p.m. The underpass at Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive flooded, leaving some drivers stranded until water began to drain.

Other roadways, including Dewdney Avenue and Ring Road, and Saskatchewan Drive and Broad Street, were also impacted.

City workers and emergency crews were called to areas where the flooding was especially bad. Tow trucks helped vehicles get out from the flooding.

“Initially it didn’t look like it was that deep but then the rain just started pouring down,” Phil Grawberg, whose car got stuck in the water, said.

As of noon on Wednesday, SGI says 38 water related home insurance claims have been made since the storm on Tuesday night. The insurance company says to play it safe when driving in torrential rain.

"You don’t know what’s on the bottom of those puddles, you don't know if there's debris, you don't know if there's potentially a big pot hole, so drive with extreme care and attention to the road,” Scott McGregor with SGI said.

Walmart in east Regina suffered some flood damage and Planet Fitness just off Victoria Avenue East was forced to close its doors.

Most of the flooding was cleared by Wednesday morning. There is no word on the extent of the damage.