The province has announced it is moving ahead with plans move to private sector management of Global Transportation Hub.

Minister Responsible for the GTH Don Morgan says the board of directors will be hiring a third-party consultant for the transition.

The government says the GTH’s current and future clients remain a priority. Many staff members in operations, business development, marketing and investment attraction will remain in their current positions through the transition.

“We believe the GTH plays a vital role in Saskatchewan’s export oriented economy and will for many years to come,” Morgan said. “However, the GTH will be in a better position to reach its full potential operated by the private sector. This process will be handled professionally and responsibly to ensure the GTH can continue to help drive economic growth in Saskatchewan.”

Matt Schroder, current vice president of finance with the GTH, will serve as acting CEO during the transition. Current president and CEO Bryan Richards won’t be part of the transition.

GTH Critic says the issue is much larger than what the government is showing.

“Cutting costs by privatization is not going to fix the problem, which is they cannot sell the land,” she said. “The market isn’t there. I don’t care how good of a realtor you are, if there’s no market, you cannot sell it.”

With operations done privately, Sproule says the public will lose access to information about the GTH.

“We’re almost up to a million dollars a year in interest payments on the debt right now, so those kinds of costs are crushing the GTH and the government knows it.”

Provincial legislation governing the GTH will remain in place under the Global Transportation Hub Authority Act.