REGINA -- Saskatchewan’s premier had strong language for what he called “a group of idiots” who allegedly harassed the province’s chief medical health officer, and his family, at their home on Saturday.

“This harassment of Dr. Shahab and his family at their home is simply unacceptable, sickening and wrong,” Scott Moe said in an emailed statement on Saturday evening.

Moe said the Regina police will ensure the safety of Dr. Saqib Shahab and his family, and are encouraged to investigate and press charges accordingly. Long-term security options are under consideration for the Shahab family.

Moe also took to Twitter to express his anger with the “misguided protest.”

“As Premier, I know some will disagree with the actions and decisions of the government. But disagreeing with decisions made by our government gives no one the right to harass a dedicated public servant and his family,” Moe said.

“If you disagree with a decision our government has made, you can take it up with me. Email me at, or call your MLA.”

This is not the first time Shahab has faced harassment from those opposed to the province's approach to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

An anti-mask rally in December saw a speaker publicly share racist views in front of hundreds of supporters.

On Saturday, the leader of Saskatchewan’s opposition also shared his support for Shahab on Twitter.

“This is incredibly stupid and dangerous. Dr. Shahab is doing a very difficult and important job trying to protect us all from COVID-19,” Ryan Meili wrote. “He deserves our respect and support, not this unconscionable abuse.”