REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is anticipating “future phases” of COVID-19, and is expanding to mitigate the impact of the virus.

“Based on what we know from other jurisdictions, it is critical we act immediately to expand acute care capacity to mitigate the impact of COVID-19,” SHA CEO Scott Livingstone said. “Demand will exceed capacity. All jurisdictions are facing this challenge. We are not alone. We are acting immediately to ensure Saskatchewan residents get the care they need from the right provider, at the right time, with the right supports in place.”

According to data from other jurisdictions, the virus could impact 30 per cent of the population.

Going forward, the SHA will:

  • Create spaces to cohort COVID-19 patients in facilities
  • Created COVID-19 specific hospitals in Saskatoon and Regina and elsewhere as needed
  • Create additional community based care where required, such as field hospitals in schools or rinks

This plan will ensure we are prepared,” Livingstone said. “But it won’t be enough; it has been proven over and over with this virus that no health system in the world can address this challenge alone without the sustained help of the general public.”

A provincial Emergency Operations Centre has been established, and a Integrated Health Incident Command Centres (IHICCs) for each SHA service area.