Health groups are hoping to make smoking an issue in the upcoming civic election in Regina.

According to the groups, the Queen City is only one of two major cities in the country that still allows smoking on patios.

“We know that most people in Regina want more smoke-free places where they eat, drink and play. The only way they will get a bylaw is if like-minded candidates get a seat on city council, so we’re saying vote for health,” Jennifer May, Vice-President of Health Promotion for the Lung Association said in a written release.

The groups argue that municipalities are key to anti-smoking legislation, because they can implement it much faster than provincial or federal governments. Legislation to protect people from second hand smoke has already been implemented in Saskatoon, Warman, and Martensville.

The Canadian Cancer Society surveyed about half of the candidates on the ballot in the upcoming election, and their responses are listed below

Health groups say they will be using online ads and social media to bring attention to this issue from now until the election.

This is an opportunity for voters to make a difference and create healthy communities for their families,” Fleur Macqueen Smith, Director, Government Relations and Health Promotion with the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Saskatchewan said in a release.


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