The Humboldt Broncos are one step closer to finding out how money raised from a GoFundMe page after a deadly crash will be distributed.

"Our families have been reached out to and supported in so many ways. So if there's people out there that are concerned that this is taking a long time, this is only six weeks,” Scott Thomas, the father late Evan Thomas, one of the players killed in the crash.

Saskatchewan is the only province with legislation that governs how funds raised through a public appeal should be distributed.

"Our focus remains as it has from the very beginning on supporting our families impacted by the tragedy of April 6,” Broncos president Kevin Garinger said.

Several steps need to be taken in the process, a judge will be appointed at the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench to oversee the distribution, and a committee will make recommendations regarding the allocation of the money, an application for a hearing, a timeline for allocation and other procedural items.

A GoFundMe page raised more than $15 million for the team after a bus crash on April 6 killed 16 people, including players, team staff, and the bus driver.

"Right from the start we've had full confidence that the broncos are doing everything they can that's in the best interest of all 29 of us,” Thomas said.

The team says the funds will be split between 29 families who were impacted. Thomas says the families feel some may need more money than others.

"The boys that walked through that carnage that probably have PTSD for the rest of their lives maybe need a little more money. If someone from the broncos comes to me and says Scott we are going to take a little piece of what we allocated for Evan and your family and we are going to give it to these guys I’d guarantee my son would be standing here saying you take care of those boys,” Thomas said.

The organization says it is also still in the process of collecting donations not related to the GoFundMe page. Those funds will be dealt with in the near future.

"Those funds, when we have an opportunity to go through they'll be allocated again. We've established the foundation for just that reason,” Garinger said.

The team hopes to have the money raised through GoFundMe distributed within three months.