Following the reveal of Gainer the Gopher’s new look, Original Gainer (OG), the person who originally wore the suit from 1977 to 1979, is voicing his disapproval.

“When I first saw Gainer, I was traumatized,” OG said. “I couldn’t focus on the football game, and it seemed like Gainers green eyes were penetrating my soul.”

OG added that the new Gainer did not look like he came from a gopher hole but, as former Premier Brad wall stated, from a grave out of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

OG said that the current Gainer has a much easier gig than he did.

"I’m very jealous of the current Gainer,” OG said. “Back in my day, the 70’s, the suit weighed about 40 pounds.”

One Rider fan is so upset with the mascots new look, she even started a petition on Monday night.

"It's just unfortunate that they decided to make such a huge change like that without consulting and I’m not alone in this opinion,” Maria Vicente said. “So I hope they listen to their fans and do the right thing."

The petition has gained thousands of signatures.

“If they keep the current Gainer the Gopher outfit on, it could come in handy,” OG said. “You just park him right beside the visitor's bench and horrify the heck out of the team we have to beat.”

According to Riderville, Gainer is one of 38 children born to Dwayne and Agnes Gopher owners of a trenching and excavation company in Parkbeg. He started cheering for the Riders in 1977.