REGINA -- Saskatchewan residents looking to beat the cold this winter are being asked to stay put.

The Saskatchewan government has recommended residents don’t partake in non-essential travel outside the province, which means travel enthusiasts may as well cozy up.

“If it isn't necessary, you should re-think your travel plans,” said Premier Scott Moe.

While people are still allowed to travel outside the province if they choose to do so, Moe said it’s best to reconsider non-essential travel plans, noting many COVID-19 cases are linked to interprovincial and international travel.

“There's a significant number of cases that are still related back to some degree of interprovincial or international travel," he said. "We need to be aware of that."

Moe said many people in the province have made great efforts to keep case numbers down.

For instance, some haven’t visited loved ones in long-term care facilities as often, he said.

“It is a great sacrifice that Saskatchewan people are making to ensure that we're not putting our loved ones at risk," Moe said.


At the CAA on South Albert Street, travel agents are seeing fewer people looking to book winter getaways.   

CAA travel consultant Shannan Schill said people have asked when things will change, but staff obviously don’t have the answer.

“Everything's going to depend on how the numbers are worldwide, not just here in Saskatchewan," Schill said.

She said staff are obliged to tell people that non-essential travel is not recommended when they call about vacations.

She said it’s important people know cancellation policies when booking hotels or excursions.

“You want to make sure that if something happens and if they close the provinces down, that you're not taking any big monetary risks," Schill said.  

The Government of Canada has a travel advisory in effect for all international travel.

It also requires all Canadians to self-isolate when they return to Canada.