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'It's problematic': Frustration growing as Regina city council meetings drag on, tabled items pile on


Frustration is growing amongst the public and members of Regina city council as marathon meetings drag on.

“I am going to move a tabling motion to the next meeting in hopes an odd number of people show up,” Ward 6 coun. Dan Leblanc told council following a tied vote.

“Let’s just vote on this instead of wasting two hours debating,” Ward 1 coun. Cheryl Stadnichuk commented. “We’ll get the same result.”

On Wednesday, the lengthy meeting lost quorum, which adjourned the meeting and tabled debate on a motion to rename Dewdney Avenue.

“We should be using our judgement,” Ward 3 coun. Andrew Stevens told CTV News Friday.

Council heard from 13 in-person delegates Wednesday on the renaming item alone.

“When you have that many delegates coming out to take to the issues of reconciliation, I think that was of huge significance,” Stevens added.

Many waited for seven hours to give their five-minute presentation.

“What would you think if [council] finished your delegation and then went home without voting tonight?” Leblanc asked Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway, who was Wednesday’s final delegate.

“That would give opportunity for you to forget what we just said,” she responded.

Five councillors voiced their willingness to continue the meeting Wednesday in order to come to a decision on the matter.

Councillors Landon Mohl and Jason Mancinelli left the meeting earlier while Bob Hawkins, John Findura and Mayor Sandra Masters left at the legislated break.

Masters was attending a conference in Baltimore, MD where it was past midnight at the time.

“Your words will not be forgotten,” Hawkins told the gallery before calling the break. “They’ll ring in our ears in fact.”

“Thank you for being here tonight and for your contribution,” he added.

CTV News reached out to all 11 members of council Friday for comment.

We received six responses by email or by phone.

“If I was a delegate I would be extremely frustrated,” Ward 7 coun. Terina Nelson said. “To leave the people who spent hours waiting to speak have the discussion of renaming Dewdney fall short of making a decision, I feel very frustrated and sad for how hurt they must feel.”

“Any situation where we have residents waiting for hours to speak at council is problematic,” Ward 8 coun. Shanon Zachidniak said. “I find all those scenarios to be disrespectful of residents’ time and I’m certain it negatively impacts residents’ belief that their voice makes any difference.”

“I believe we need to change the way we schedule delegations from the community,” Stadnichuk suggested. “Perhaps we should hear from all delegations on all topics before we delve into reports.”

“Or if a report or motion had been tabled at a previous council meeting, then the delegations on tabled reports or motions should be considered first,” she added.

Jason Mancinelli said on the phone he feels, “many items are debated for too long.”

“There’s no sense in doing stupid things,” he told council Wednesday. “If you’re wondering why I talk about it being a polarized room, pay attention to the faces around council right now.”

“Pay attention to the reactions and wonder why this is over the top,” Mancinelli went on to say.

City council has just four scheduled meetings remaining on the calendar before November’s civic election.

“People need to embrace the face these are meetings that are going to go for full days,” Stevens said. “Just acknowledge that.”

“Whoever is running in the fall should recognize – this is what they’re getting into,” he added.

Council could schedule additional meetings if necessary in order to pass all items before the election. Top Stories

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