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'Its not acceptable': Sask. NDP calls on province to advocate for better service in face of airline cancellations


Saskatchewan’s NDP Opposition is calling on the provincial government to advocate for better service in light of Sunwing flight cancellations.

Lindsay May and her fiancée were all set to get married in Mexico. Four days before their January departure, Sunwing cancelled their flight.

“Immediately I kind of started panicking and breaking down like I’m having a nightmare, this isn’t real, this is a dream. It was not,” May told CTV News.

May and her fiancée rescheduled their wedding for March. However, that Sunwing flight has since been cancelled.

“We found out on January 17th once again through social media that all flights out of Regina, Saskatchewan were cancelled,” May explained.

“At this point I was just stunned because why did you even let us rebook?”

May and her fiancée aren’t the only ones affected in the mass cancelations.

Thousands of passengers are facing disruptions as Sunwing curtails the majority of its flights from Regina and Saskatoon for the winter.

The NDP Opposition has sent a letter to the premier, asking for action on the issue.

“We see the horrible situation with Sunwing just up and cancelling and having such impacts for so many families, for so many people,” Trent Wotherspoon, MLA for Regina Rosemont, said.

The NDP is calling for a meeting between the premier, airlines, airports, mayors and the federal government to deal with Air Canada’s cancelled Calgary flights and the Sunwing situation.

“It’s not acceptable and it hurts Saskatchewan to lose flights and routes the way we have,” Wotherspoon added.

The provincial government has said that air travel is the responsibility of the federal government.

The province went further and said it expects the federal government to hold the airlines accountable and for Sunwing to treat its passengers fairly. Top Stories

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