The trial of three men accused of killing Reno Lee is now in the hands of a jury.

Andrew Bellegard, Bronson Gordon and Daniel Theodore have all pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and dismembering a body in Lee’s death. His body was found in a rural area north of Balcarres in April 2015.

The Crown and defence presented closing arguments earlier this week. On Thursday morning, the judge began charging the jury. The charge was delayed by about two hours due to technical difficulties in printing the charge. The judge began the charge just before noon.

Charging the jury isn’t a quick process, especially the three accused all have different defence lawyers. The jury was given instructions on the three first-degree murder charges on Thursday night.

The judge also needs to the second charges of indignity of a body.

The judge read the second charge of indignity to a body to the jury on Friday morning.

The 11-person jury is now sequestered and deliberating on the two charges Andrew Bellegard, Bronson Gordon and Daniel Theodore are facing.

There are four possible outcomes for the first degree murder charge of not guilty, guilty of first degree murder, guilty of second degree murder, or guilty of manslaughter.

There are two outcomes for the indignity to a body charge of either guilty or not guilty.

Court is adjourned until the jury requests to make its verdict.

With files from CTV Regina's Gina Martin