REGINA -- For decades, it was the home to your Saskatchewan Roughriders. Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium, among it’s other charms, featured sections painted in different colours. Jeff was #JustCurious why? Was there a reason?

There are a number of hilarious theories floated online… but it wasn’t because Beaver Lumber had a paint sale… not was it because they couldn’t decide what colour to choose so they simply picked all of them.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders say it was very intentional – both artistic and architectural. The colours were meant to represent the Province’s landscape. If you flew over the stadium or saw those overhead shots on a television CFL broadcast, it would look like the fields, rivers and forests of Saskatchewan.

Jim Hopson, the team’s former CEO, says marketing today actually dictates that seats be the same colour so that if the game isn’t sold out, it isn’t glaringly obvious that there are empty seats in the building… that’s why in new Mosaic stadium, all seats are the same