A man living in the Lakeridge Addition community is concerned about the parking situation in the area.

He said there are so many no parking signs in his neighbourhood that residents can hardly have visitors without them being ticketed for parking on the street.

"I've gotten a ticket parked in front of my house, in front of my drive way,” Lakeridge Addition resident Casey Schroth said. “My family has gotten tickets parked in front of my drive way."

According to the City of Regina, ‘No Parking’ signs are there for traffic and pedestrian safety, and are permanent.

The current regulations allow parking only on one side, on a street less than eight meters wide.

Councillor Jerry Flegel lives in and represents the area said he's meeting with administration next week, and changes are coming.

"We've got to take a look at all the different things but we still have to keep public safety in line,” Flegel said. “And we also have to follow Canadian guidelines as well. These areas are all designed to be small yards, small frontages, but we need to adjust."

Other areas in the city face similar parking issues and Flegel is asking for residents’ patience.

"We just don't have anywhere for people to park,” Schroth said. “We invite guests over and they have to risk getting a parking ticket."

Schroth said the community has a private Facebook group with more than 450 members who often complain about the parking.

Flegel said they will be reviewing some of the locations of the signs on the streets, and said he's asked parking enforcement to slow down on ticketing for now.

He said if a resident calls in a complaint, enforcement will still come out.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Colton Wiens.