REGINA -- Hey there, winter! We see you want to come say hi once again as we head towards spring.

After a warm weekend that led to quite a bit of the snowpack melting, a fresh wave of snow is on the way again. It’s March after all, so we do expect a bit of a rollercoaster ride when it comes to temperatures, precipitation and the weather in general.

The good news is this storm will give us some much-needed precipitation heading into spring. Any snowfall accumulation is not likely to stick around that long, with temperatures swinging up and down around freezing through the next week.

The bad news is snowfall warnings are in place through southern Saskatchewan, meaning we are in for 36 hours of bad conditions. So, be prepared for winter driving conditions, brushing off your car once again and dealing with snowdrifts and gusting winds.

The weather maker here is a low developing over the Montana-Wyoming border. This is tracking towards Ontario and James Bay. As it does so, heavy precipitation is falling on the northern side of the low. Expect precipitation beginning around 9 p.m. in the Regina area and continuing through to Tuesday evening.

This precipitation will start with rain – particularly for Regina, Swift Current and Moose Jaw – but as temperatures cool and winds gust from the northeast, the rain will mix with snow, becoming heavy snow through the early hours of the morning Tuesday. With this system, we expect heavy, wet snow (up to 15 centimetres from some areas, including Yorkton) since temperatures continue to hover around -1 degrees Celsius.

Speaking of temperatures, through the overnight into Tuesday, temperatures will drop towards freezing and stay there through the day until they fall further into Tuesday afternoon and overnight. We once again expect warming into Wednesday afternoon, with a high of 2 degrees, which is above seasonal in Regina.

Conditions look to clear into Wednesday and stay that way through the weekend, where we expect to once again see above seasonal temperatures.