A 42-year-old man at a high risk to reoffend sexually is being released to live in a Regina neighbourhood.

Jason Thorne will be living in the Heritage neighbourhood in a residence that supervises and monitors his activities.

Police say he has a criminal history that includes sexual offences and has a high risk of reoffending. He also poses a high risk for acts of sexual offending against female children, and the reduction of his risk through treatment interventions are unlikely.

He is described at a 42-year-old Indigenous man, 5-9 tall, weighting approximately 170 pounds, with a medium build, brown eyes and black hair.

Thorne will be living under multiple conditions including following a treatment program, not to be around children under the age of 18, not to be in, near or around places where minors are likely to congregate like schools, parks, swimming pools and recreational centres and not consuming or possessing alcohol or other intoxicants.

Police said this information is being released to raise awareness about Thorne and his prior offences.