DUCK MOUNTAIN PROV. PARK, SASK. -- A Manitoba man has created the ultimate winter adventure park, with trails for hiking and hills for skiing and snowboarding, all located near Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

Jarett Robak from Grandview has been working alongside family and friends for 10 years, all in an effort to bring the SnowPark to life. 

It started as a hiking spot that Robak and his family enjoyed when he was a kid.

“Now it resembles a ski resort, so we’ve got the cabin here, letting us in and out of accommodations. People can stay here overnight. We have opened it up quite a bit so the rideable areas are way beyond what it used to be,” said Robak. 

The SnowPark, which he refers to as The Cabino, is a winter wonderland. It has trails for snowboarding, a wood ramp that has a viewing platform, and a rope tail that brings snowboarders back to the top of the hill. The ramp allows a longer ride. 

“Dozens of runs. There’s numerous different ways you can get down to the hill. The rope tail brings you back to the top, literally just as fast as you get down. So it’s a bit of fun riding back up the hill as well,” said Robak.

The Cabino is surrounded by lights, allowing riders to use the park for an unlimited number of hours. 

Robak said the SnowPark is a great place to hone your snowboarding skills. 

“It is a bit of a challenge riding here. It is definitely a way of improving your riding and keeping in shape,” said Robak, adding that the SnowPark is also great for summer activities. 

In the last few years, The Cabino has racked up a thousand subscribers, with Robak adding new features to the park every year.