A supportive message on the Knox Metropolitan Church billboard ahead of Saturday’s Queen City Pride Parade has mysteriously disappeared.

The sign that read “for hurts caused by churches we are sorry” was put up on Sunday. But when Minister Cam Fraser arrived to the church on Wednesday morning, the letter panels had been removed from the billboard along Victoria Avenue. Fraser was disappointed, but not surprised by the removal.

“I listen to people from within the LGBTQ community about their experiences living in this city, about their experiences in general. So the fact something like this has happened wasn't overly surprising,” said Fraser.

Fraser reached out to organizers of the Queen City Pride festival, to let them know about the removal of the message.

"I was really disappointed to hear a sign that I think our community appreciated and was excited for, was removed from the property,” said Dan Shier, co-chair of Queen City Pride.

The church and Queen City Pride Festival organizers have decided to get police involved to file a report. In the meantime Fraser says that the church has enough letters to put the message back up on the sign, and intend to do so ahead of the parade.