Regina’s mosquito population remains low despite recent rain. That’s according to the City of Regina, who say traps in the city are averaging four mosquitoes per trap, down from the historical average of 31 per trap this time of year.

Outside of Regina, traps are seeing a larger population of 26 mosquitoes.

One species of mosquito that can carry West Nile Virus was found in a trap near Pilot Butte, but the city says that appearance is late.

“Normally what you see is the Culex tarsalis normally emerge in the Regina area somewhere between June 10 and June 15 so actually we’re a couple weeks behind,” Russell Eirich with the City of Regina said. “Summers will be warm, Culex will become one of the major mosquitoes in the summertime pools.”

Residents are also reminded to remove any standing water from yards to help keep the population low.