REGINA -- Canada’s premiers say there is no need to invoke the Emergencies Act, in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“At this point our collective effort to address the COVID-19 crisis, the provinces and territories have not identified any current issues that require this measure,” the letter said.

The premiers said they are confident that the provinces and territories have the ability to effectively manage through the pandemic and recovery.

In his role as Chair of the Council of the Federation, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe responded to a letter from the Prime Minister asking for feedback on possibly invoking the Act.

The letter from Trudeau stated: "The purpose of these consultations is to seek your views on the issuance of such a declaration and whether the COVID-19 situation exceeds the capacity or authority of a province or territory or of existing federal, provincial, or territorial laws to address it."

The Emergency Act – which replaced the War Measures Act – gives the government sweeping powers to prohibit travel, render essential services, regulate the supply of goods, and seize personal property if needed.

“To this date, the response to this pandemic has brought about unprecedented cooperation between our respective jurisdictions, across party lines and regional distance,”

The premiers say they are committed to maintaining a strong working relationship as the pandemic continues.

With files from's Sarah Turnbull.