A new piece of technology will soon make it easier for police to identify unregistered vehicles and drivers with suspended licenses.

For November’s Traffic Safety Spotlight, police will be using automated license plate readers (ALPRs) to catch un-plated cars and risky drivers.

Just in 2016, more than 1,800 Saskatchewan drivers were convicted for committing the above offences.

“People don’t get suspended without cause. They may have their driving privileges revoked due to impaired driving or other dangerous driving behaviours, which can put other road users at risk,” said Earl Cameron, Executive Vice-President of the Auto Fund. “To anyone who makes the bad decision to drive without a valid license or insurance, our message is simple: Do not risk it.”

Disqualified driving could lead to fines and even to potential Criminal Code charges.

About 60 police cars in Saskatchewan will have access to ALPRs.