Members of the North Central community got together on Saturday to pay tribute to the man who helped create the North Central Family Centre: the late Ivan Amichand.

“He was a role model, a mentor and a father figure to many of our kids,” said Sandy Wankel, co-founder and executive director of the North Central Family Centre. “It's our way just to keep up the memory of him, to think about him and just to honour someone that was so wonderful.”

Close to 150 people came out for a five kilmetre walk and run, followed by a barbeque. It was all in memory of Amichand, who passed away in 2013.

In partnership with the Regina Police, the University of Regina Nursing Faculty and the Queen City Marathon (QCM), the event also encouraged kids to live healthy, crime-free lives, and to take pride in their neighbourhood.

“I think that there (are) so many negative aspects of North Central that people read about. But, we have to really highlight the wonderful things that are happening here too,” said Wankel.

“It's a part of Regina, it's a part of who this city is, and everybody should feel comfortable coming out here and participating in an event like this,” said Shawn Weimer, QCM race director.