The provincial government has ordered an investigation into the R.M. of McKillop.

Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding launched the inspection in response to concerns about governance and administration in the R.M. Carol Ingham, a former municipal administrator and retired public servant, will lead the inspection.

“Given the circumstances and the breadth and level of concerns raised it was important to act,” Kaeding said in a written release. “I believe that Ms. Ingham will be able to complete an inspection and report back on the state of the RM’s affairs. Ms. Ingham brings a wealth of knowledge to her appointment having more than 25 years of municipal and public administration experience.”

According to the government, the inspection will look at general operations of the R.M. It will focus on voter petitions submitted to the council, legal actions either by or against the R.M. and the financial situation of the R.M.

The report is expected by Sept. 15. It will be submitted to Kaeding and the local R.M. council.