REGINA -- In an effort to decrease accessibility of vaping products to youth, the Government of Saskatchewan has proposed amendments to the Tobacco Control Act that would bring vaping products in line with existing legislation around tobacco.

“The Government of Saskatchewan takes the health of our citizens very seriously and this legislation is an important step in protecting Saskatchewan youth in particular from the harms of vaping products,” Reiter said. “If you don’t smoke there is no need to vape.”

The amendment as outlined in Bill 133 will restrict sale of vaping products to adults over 18 only. The same laws that apply to other tobacco products will apply to vaping products in terms of advertising and legal proximity to public buildings

The changes are to take effect in the spring.

Health authorities across Canada have begun to closely monitor reports of respiratory illnesses potentially linked to vaping.

Health Canada has said vaping has risks and the longterm effects remain unknown.

With files from the Canadian Press.