SASKATOON -- On the eve of the provincial election, Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe and NDP leader Ryan Meili spent Sunday campaigning in in similar spots of the province.

Moe began his day in Prince Albert addressing the recent announcement that Saskatchewan Party Northcote candidate Alana Ross, came into contact with someone positive with COVID-19.

”We had indicated yesterday that Alana is self-isolating, she’s working hard from the phone and she will be tested,” Moe said.

”I think it’s a reminder for all of us that this COVID-19 virus does not discriminate. It’s in our communities and we all need to do our level-best to ensure that we are reducing the spread.”

Moe then spoke to supporters in North Battleford, alongside Battlefords candidate Jeremy Cockrill.

”As we finish now our election week, our advance polls, people in the Battlefords have one more opportunity to get out and support our Saskatchewan Party candidate Jeremy Cockrill.” Moe said.

NDP leader Ryan Meili held a rally Sunday morning in the Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood riding, trying to encourage his supporters as they near election day.

”This is our home, and this is our chance to make it even better, and that’s why I’m excited for tomorrow, election day,” Meili said.

”I know this team is going to continue to work hard, contact everyone they can so that people can get to the polls and cast their vote for the change they want with a New Democratic government that puts people first.”

Meili ended the campaign in Prince Albert where he spoke with constituents in the Carlton and Northcote ridings.

”Scott Moe’s plan, he does have a plan. It’s a plan to cut. Cut healthcare, cut education, it’s a plan to raise taxes on ordinary families,” The NDP Party leader said. "Our plan will invest in Saskatchewan, and that includes key investments in Prince Albert.”

Polls open up at 9 a.m. Monday.