REGINA -- The City of Regina is implementing a new storm water project in the north central community to prevent flooding during large storms.

On June 11, the city received 50mm to 75mm of rain between 7 a.m and 9 a.m. causing storm drains to back up and flood the streets.

City crews received about 300 calls for service.

“We started seeing service requests Friday afternoon and have continued to see them,” Kim Onrait, executive director of citizen services with the City of Regina, said.

The new project will impact about 450 homes in the area and cost $15 million over the next three years.

“Installing catch basins and large pipes to make sure that we can take the rain during a major storm event,” Kurtis Doney, director of water, waste and environment with the City of Regina, said.

Local plumbing companies have also been busy with calls since last week's heavy rain.

“We’ve been going flat out since that happened. We are having trouble keeping up,” said Jason Raymer, service manager for Regina Plumbing and Heating.

The City of Regina said it will continue to look its infrastructure and what it can do to help reduce flooding in all streets and underpasses. It said it will update as those plans are solidified.

Raymer says there are some things that residents can themselves to prevent flooding.

“Make sure your sump pumps are working, check them regularly and the grading around your house. Check the grading, make sure the eavestroughs and everything are extended past the house and that the water is shutting away from the foundation,” Raymer said.

Raymer added that keeping storm drains around your house clear will also help.

The City of Regina is crediting its new storm drain adoption program for the success of removing water from the streets quickly.

“We really look to the community to be out there before and after a rainstorm to remove any debris to allow rain to get to the storm drains,” Doney said.

So far 725 storm drains have been adopted across the city.