REGINA -- A local basketball player has her sights set on the ultimate hoop dream – the Olympics.

Quinn Dornstauder, who has spent the last eight years playing with Basketball Canada at different levels, is on Team Canada’s shortlist to go to the Tokyo 2020 Games.

“I love it, I love being there. It’s such a huge part of my life and who I am now,” Dornstauder, who first played for Team Canada’s U17 team, said.

Since graduating from Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, the power forward has travelled around the world with the sport.

Dornstauder played NCAA Division I basketball for the Arizona State University Sun Devils. She’s still third on ASU’s all-time career list for most blocks in school history with 138.

For the past four seasons, the 24-year-old has played in the top division of Spain’s basketball league. Most recently, Dornstauder played for AE Sedis Basquet in Catalunya.

Fortunately, her professional season wasn’t disrupted due to COVID-19. However, one major constant in her life was missing – Team Canada.

“We weren’t able to get together last summer and that was the first time that I haven’t been able to get together with them since I was 16,” Dornstauder said.

The Canadian’s are currently fourth in the world women’s basketball rankings. The Senior Canadian Women’s team will reunite for training camp in Edmonton next week. The roster is made up of Canadians talent who have, like Dornstauder, played professionally overseas, but also in the WNBA and the NCAA.

“During that whole process they’re going to be doing evaluations and stuff and selecting the final roster for the Olympics,” Dornstauder said.

With restrictions on training facilities in Saskatchewan, finding opportunities to train for the Olympics, which are scheduled to begin July 23rd, has been challenging.

“I’m here at Level 10 training, I’m on my own training, lifting, cardio, it’s an everyday thing, it’s my job,” Dornstauder explained.

Previously, she helped Canada win bronze at the U17 World Championships and then a silver medal at the FISU World University Games. Canada has already qualified for the Olympics, however hasn’t announced its final roster.

“Watching the older players at the 2012 Olympics, I remember watching them and imagining myself being there one day,” Dornstauder said. “It’s definitely been a process and it’s been a grind but that’s been my ultimate goal since I was 16 years old.”