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Regina business specializing in Filipino food opens second location due to demand


A Regina business specializing in Filipino food has opened a second location due to increased demand.

Favorito Cook & Bake House had a grand opening at their new restaurant located at 360 Albert Street North on Saturday.

The owners say it is a long time coming as the operation has outgrown their original home and more room was needed.

“We have bigger facilities, bigger equipment, bigger storage. The setup is more technological. Better quality,” said Melanie San Andres.

The restaurant offers many different types of Filipino foods but also has a variety of Canadian favorites on the menu.

A baker with over 30 years of experience bakes a daily assortment of international breads and deserts.

With the larger kitchen, there are plans to increase baking output.

Mark San Andres, the son of the owners, has grown up within the restaurant. He will be taking over the first location and will be supplying the new location with catering duties as well as cooking larger foods like roasts.

“The kitchen is especially big. That’s one of the things we all looked forward to be working with because in the old, the kitchen was only good for one of two or three people, but in here you could have five chefs in there working,” said Mark San Andres.

Jovelyn Macaranes from Favorito Cook & Bake House, says the restaurant is pleased with the support they have received from the community. She says the restaurant plans to give back in various ways.

“Our goal is to give nutritious food to the kids. In the future, we are also making products for those people with diabetes. We will serve food with less sugar especially in breads.”

“If you want to try some Filipino bread, Filipino food or buffet, this is the place to come,” said Mark San Andres.

The new location will be celebrating its opening for a couple days. Top Stories

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