A Regina couple is facing over 70 charges mostly involving incidents of identity theft or fraud taking place between July 2, 2018, and June 14, 2019.

A 26-year-old man and 22-year-old woman were arrested on May 9 from an apartment in the 800 block of Empress St.

After executing a search warrant, police searched the apartment and found around 3,000 documents belonging to 96 different identities. They also found computer and printing equipment.

Police believe the suspects would gather information about potential victims and forge documents like bank statements, pay stubs, driver’s licenses and status cards. The suspects would then allegedly apply for loans, credit cards and bank accounts using the victim’s identity.

The same suspects were then arrested again, from a hotel room in the 1900 block of Rupert St. on July 3. Police found a computer, printer/scanner and identification documents as well as some fraudulently purchased items in the room.

26-year-old Logan Cardinal and 22-year-old Kassa McManus-Bohach are facing 73 total charges including multiple counts of identity theft, identity fraud and forgery.

Cardinal appeared in Provincial Court on May 10, for seven of the charges, and appeared again on July 4 for the remaining 36 charges.

McManus-Bohach also made her appearance in Provincial Court on July 4.