Music fans of all types gathered to share their love of guitars on Saturday at the third annual Regina Guitar Show.

Hundreds streamed through the Conexus Arts Centre doors – some looking to buy, others looking to sell and some just wanting to connect with other guitar enthusiasts.

“I have a problem with accumulating too many instruments so I came here today to sell some of my guitars,” said amateur musician Tim Mrazek.

For Scott Harwood, one of the show’s organizers, it’s about the community.

“It’s a place for people to buy and sell instruments and get together, learn about instruments and amplifiers, and generally build the guitar and musician community a little bit,” he said.

Regina’s School of Rock was also there, hoping to recruit new students for its unique music classes.

“Guitar is one of the five instruments that we teach at the School of Rock, so it’s a great fit for us to be here and have a lot of people flow through that are guitar fans,” said Greg Mildenberger, the school’s owner.