A Regina mother is calling for an inquest into the death of her son.

“I miss him every day, I miss his smile, I miss his laugh, I miss telling him no,” said Richelle Dubois.

Dubois found her son Haven Dubois deceased in the Pilot Butte Creek in East Regina on May 20, 2015. Since his death, she has been questioning the investigation of the Regina Police Service and the coroner’s report, saying there were mistakes made.

"The misspelling of our name, the way he was found,” said Dubois. “They never asked me for a statement."

The initial coroner’s report was revised because of errors and a second report was released. The final report determined Haven died of accidental drowning.

"I have to go forward, I have to keep fighting this,” said Dubois. “I feel like such an injustice was done to my son."

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray says he is confident in the police service's investigation but he is also willing to work with the Dubois family.

On Wednesday morning, Bray and Mayor Michael Fougere offered to assist Dubois with contacting the Ministry of Justice for an inquest.

"From the actual tragic incident that occurred to through the investigation and, at some point, we need to try to help the family get to a point where they can get some closure on this and I'm committed to doing that," Bray said.

The Ministry of Justice says it’s open to meeting with the family to discuss their options.

"It's a little bit too early for me to make a decision as to whether or not an inquest should be held or whether we would direct an inquest,” said Justice Minister Gordon Wyant.

“We want to talk to our officials, I'm not sure where they are at in the process in terms of if they have made a complaint to the Public Complaints Commission, I think that would be an appropriate thing."

Dubois says she wants an inquest because she doesn't want any other families to endure the pain of searching for answers from authorities.

"I'm going to predict this going on for maybe the rest of my life, but I'm ready to fight that fight,” said Dubois. “Because that is my son and any other parent would do the exact same thing."