Grade 4 and 5 students at Glen Elm Community School in Regina spent part of their day learning about renewable power sources, particularly wind power generation.

The students took part in a workshop hosted by Relay Education on Monday, doing experiments to find out what makes a good conductor and how wind turbines work by creating their own model turbines to get a sense of how much power a turbine can generate.

Tianna Bullock, a Grade 5 student, says next time she drives by a wind turbine, she’ll understand it a little more thanks to learning from the model.

“We’re trying to see how fast the turbine can go,” Bullock said. “Like we’re predicting on how high it can go with two blades, and in 15 seconds we have to write the volts, and in 30 seconds.”

Relay’s programs are aimed at educating people in Regina, especially students, about renewable power sources.

“Our programming is very accessible for all types of learners,” said Kelly Park with Relay Education. “By providing the opportunity to work with solar panels and model wind turbines, we’re really allowing any type of learner, person with all backgrounds to experience how it works.”

Similar workshops have been held at other Regina schools over the course of the school year.