A 31-year-old Regina woman has been reported missing to RCMP after police say she fell into Mad River near Vaveny, B.C.

According to police, the woman’s 31-year-old boyfriend said she fell into the river and was swept away in the current.

The woman’s family has identified her as Kristie Lavallee. Her boyfriend, Lee Maraden, told CTV News he was with her when she fell into the river.

Clearwater RCMP says Search and Rescue teams are working to search the river bank and area near where the woman was last seen at a railroad bridge over the river. A RCMP helicopter is also helping in the search.

Police say they haven’t found any signs of the woman.

“Initial reports indicate that the woman was on the lower portion old Highway 5 trestle bridge when she slipped and fell into the Mad River running below,” Sgt. Grant Simpson of Clearwater RCMP said in a news release. “Due to extreme currents of the river there is the possibility she could have been swept into the North Thompson River.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.