REGINA -- Phase four of the Reopen Saskatchewan plan begins on Monday, with youth and child day camps, outdoor pools, splash pads and outdoor activities resuming in its first half.

Certain municipalities will open facilities at its discretion, and residents are advised to check with their local operator about availabilities.


On Monday, the limit on gathering will increase to 30 people. If there is not enough room to maintain proper physical distancing, the gathering should be smaller.

“For food service at indoor gatherings, potlucks are discouraged and there should be no shared platters of food or shared buffet service. If food is served, it should be plated. One person should handle the preparation of food and drink following proper food safety protocols. This reduces the number of people who touch serving utensils or drink containers,” the province said in a news release.

Physical distancing guidelines still apply to public and private gatherings.


Teams will not be allowed to participate in tournaments or travel interprovincially. Handshakes and high-fives are not recommended. Keeping physical distance is also encouraged when possible.

The play structures are open, we’re going to have spray pads open, we’re going to have athletic fields open, we’re going to see a lot of activity happening,” Mayor Michael Fougere said. “We’ll see next week or so if there’s a spike of any kind. We’ll find out but I think, generally speaking, things are looking good.”

“I’m super excited that spray pads are opening and I get to meet new friends,” 8-year-old MacKenzie McFetridde said.

McFetridde’s grandmother, Carol Spencer, said it’s great to have outdoor spray pads open for kids again because these last few months have been hard on kids.


“They get to meet new kids again at the park, they make friends every time they come over here,” Spencer said. “It’s great to have something for them to do other than to sit at home and do the same old ritual.”