REGINA -- As Saskatchewan First Nations continue to closely monitor who comes in and out of communities, a new social media challenge is drawing attention to the work done to protect First Nations from COVID-19, and spread some joy.

Reserve board patrol volunteers across the country are using the hashtag #RezSecurityChallenge to share videos of themselves dancing, and providing some light-hearted entertainment.

A few of these videos are getting a lot of views.

All The Way From Kahkewistahaw First Nation #72 Border Check Stop, Mr. Mike Bitternose. #rezsecuritychallenge Went...

Posted by Hunny Gunn on Friday, January 8, 2021

"I told my partner, ‘okay i'm going to do this,’ but she didn't expect to see me out here. She didn't know I was doing [the challenge]," Mike Bitternose, border patrol and dancer from Kahkewistahaw First Nation.

Bitternose doesn't have an online presence. He said he and his wife were surpirsed to see his video and its popularity.

As of Sunday evening, the video of Bitternose had been shared around 5,600 times on Facebook.

Bitternose wants to extend the challenge specifically to his home community.

"The George Gordon First Nation,” he said. “That's my home and if they can do it it would be awesome to see."

The makers of the videos plan to continue trying to make their community laugh as long as they're still working their borders.