The newest addition to the Regina airport’s business park will be a large aircraft hangar that will be large enough to service any plane that typically flies into the city.

The 30,000 square foot hangar being built by Saskatoon based Kreos Aviation will help ease a shortage of hangar space in the Queen City, according to the company.

“We specced it for the latest and greatest of business aircraft anywhere in the world,” said Scott Rodonets, the general manager of Kreos Aviation in Regina. “The biggest aircraft out there right now we can service those whether it is for the facility or just the ground service equipment."

The airport business park could attract new companies to Regina that previously did not have space to store their company jets in the city.

The land is owned by the Regina Airport Authority and they are already seeing the benefits of leasing it out to private companies.

"We take those dollars that their lease generates and we can offset some of the costs that we would otherwise have to charge an airline or a member of the travelling public,” said James Bogusz, the president and CEO of the Regina Airport Authority.

Based on a report by Wayne Mantyka