REGINA -- Neither the pandemic nor the frigid temperatures stopped people from making heartwarming gestures of love this Valentine’s Day.

This year, many people opted for the traditional gift of buying flowers for their sweetheart.

"I think it’s been wonderful because people are staying at home, they’re ordering food. I think the whole meaning of love and friendship and everything that Valentines Day was supposed to be is coming back," Petra Janssen, Owner of Wascana Flower Shop said Sunday. 

The pandemic hit many businesses hard, but Janssen said for florists, business has been blooming!

"Tanya and I sat there and cried as we had to let our staff go and then business just blossomed within weeks we had hired just about everyone back who wanted to come back." 

The flower shop made some COVID-19 upgrades, so customers would be safe from both the virus and the cold.

"Our fear was that people would be lined up outside in the cold, so we actually have them picking up behind the building. We have numbered stalls, they pull into a stall, phone a number and the flowers are run out to them," she said.

While it was a cold Saturday evening, Winter Heat put on a drive-in movie so couples could snuggle in while giving back to the community.

“Any money that we do actually make on this event will go to the YWCA, we're looking to support their woman’s shelters. They're an amazing group of folks and we're so happy to support them,” Adam Hicks, Organizer of Winter Heat said.

Couples watched Dirty Dancing, while volunteers provided roses, charcuterie boards and local favourites right through their car window.

“We're so excited that folks were able to join us and support us. It’s giving us more momentum to do a year two next year,” Hicks said.