REGINA -- An estimate conducted by the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) shows a sizable loss for Saskatchewan farmers to the federal carbon pricing plan.

The estimate is based on producer’s bills from 2019, and shows that Saskatchewan farmers will lose 12 per cent of their net income to the tax by 2022.

The estimate by APAS contradicts a new analysis by Parliament's budget watchdog which says that most households will receive more money back in rebates than they pay through the tax.

APAS said its estimate included all major farming expenses like grain drying, rail transportation, heating, and electricity as well as truck hauling.

“Saskatchewan farmers can expect to lose eight per cent of their total net income in 2020 to the carbon tax. For a household managing a 5,000-acre grain farm in Saskatchewan, this will take the form of a $8,000-10,000 bill,” APAS said in a news release.