REGINA -- Saskatchewan may see 40 to 50 per cent fewer new COVID-19 cases per day, as a result of the province's latest public health order, the SHA says in its latest modelling numbers, but it may still run out of ventilators by the end of January.

The latest models, released Wednesday, show the province predicts a best case scenario of 500 to more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day into the spring, as a result of existing public health orders. The higher end of the projections show that cases could surpass 3,500 new cases per day in January without the public health order.

Provincial models show that with the current public health order, the province still predicts up to a possible 1,500 new cases per day by mid-January.


The province shows that even with the current public heath order, the need for ventilators in the province may still exceed the SHA’s supply before the end of January.

Saskatchewan may see 50 per cent fewer hospitalizations as a result of its current public health order. The SHA projects that with the current public health order the province may still see as many as 150 hospitalizations per day by February.

In the scenario without the public health order, the worst-case scenario shows hospitalization could near 400 per day by mid-March.

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Minister of Health Paul Merriman said although there is no specific timeline from bringing COVID-19 vaccines to Saskatchewan, health officials will be able to give an update on vaccines next week.