REGINA -- Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has ignited a cross-provincial hockey rivalry with Ontario’s premier, after taking shots at his favourite NHL team.

At a press conference Thursday, Moe was asked about the potential of pro sports leagues using Regina as a hub to play games, while the country continues to deal with COVID-19.

Moe took the question as an opportunity to call out Doug Ford’s Toronto Maple Leafs.

“This came up on our premier’s call earlier today, Doug Ford is still hopeful that the NHL could operate this year. He feels the Toronto Maple Leafs have a chance, just like last year in 1967.”

Moe decided to take advantage of the 53 years since the Leafs won the Stanley Cup, with 1967 being last year they claimed the championship.

Sporting a Leafs jersey, Ford responded in a video posted to his twitter.

“I saw your video about the Leafs, I have to tell you, when the season starts up again, we’re going to kick your Oilers’ butts,” Ford said.

He continued on, inviting Moe to Toronto “when” the season starts back up and the Maple Leafs are in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“The Leafs are going to win the Stanley Cup,” Ford said. “You can go to your closet, dust off that beautiful Leaf jersey that I gave you and wear it with pride, and come on down here.”

Ford took one final tongue-in-cheek stab at Moe, saying he needs a haircut.

When the NHL season was put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic, both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Moe’s Edmonton Oilers were in a playoff position, less than 15 games away from competing for the Stanley Cup.