SALTCOATS -- A local textile artist has been featured in Canadian Quilter Magazine.

Hannah Farquharson of Saltcoats, Sask. has been quilting for five years and uses personal experiences to bring her art to life. 

Farquharson grew up in Japan and moved to Saskatchewan in 2011. She said her inspiration and ideas come from the world. Thisresults in a creation of intricate textile designs that come directly from her heart and soul.

Hannah Farquharson

“When I did quilting, I wanted to explore more. I found quilting to be limited and I wanted to break the limit and that was the art world. And that’s when I jumped into the art world,” she said.

Despite being unsure of where her passion for textile will take her, shesaid she hopes to bring light to others through her work.

“I want to send light to the world. Hopefully someone catches the light from my art or somebody realizes that they all have light in their art. That is my aim,” Farquharson said.

Much of Farquharson’s work can be seen and purchased on her website and Instagram.

Her pieces will also be featured in several art exhibitions across the country.

Farquharson said that she hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams, just as she is doing with hers.

“I do what I want to do and I hope others try to do something that they want to do. That is more positive and there is more in that.”