A Saskatchewan woman who just turned 107 says the secret to her longevity is always keeping busy.

Sophia Hardman celebrated the milestone Monday at the Shalom seniors’ home in Cupar.

“I’m never bored…I always keep myself busy,” Hardman said when asked about the key to living such a long life.

Hardman grew up in Dysart, about 12 kilometres east of Cupar. She is second-oldest among five children in her family.

Hardman married her late husband Lawrence in 1931, and the couple had two sons. Her son Bernard passed away in 2011 and her other son Rodger, who is 77, was there to celebrate her birthday Monday.

Hardman moved into the Shalom seniors’ home in 2010 at age 100. Up until then, she had been taking care of herself.

Hardman is believed to be one of Saskatchewan’s oldest living residents.