Volunteers from Regina’s Sikh community gave away a semi-truck load of free groceries to people in need on Saturday.

This Sikh run charity, "Guru Nanak" free kitchen, operates a downtown soup kitchen from the back of a van in Regina every Sunday. Now they’re finding need in more affluent neighbourhoods as COVID-19 threatens the livelihood of people from all walks of life. It took just a couple hours to empty the truck, as volunteers flagged down passing motorists.

“What can we do with this situation.  There are lots of students living here. They need some kind of food, some kind of energy, some kind of nourishment,” Hem Juttla with the Guru Nanak Free Kitchen said.

Some of the recipients on Friday included a former casino worker who was recently laid off, as well as a teacher.

A Saskatchewan government MLA was among volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to hand out cases of almond milk, fresh grapes and Pringle’s potato chips.

“I have seen a lot of deserving people who are not working these days and lots of students from University of Regina,” Saskatchewan party MLA Muhammad Fiaz said.

Volunteers say more trucks of free groceries are on the way.