REGINA -- One Twitter user is showing love for Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer with a dedicated fan account.

Shahab Fan Account, with the handle @ShahabFanClub, began tweeting on April 22, and features the hashtag #ShahabSquad in its posts and bio.

Since Saskatchewan reported its first case of COVID-19 on March 12, Dr. Saqib Shahab has spent a significant amount of time in the public eye, speaking several times a week to the media as COVID-19 cases develop across the province.

During the province's daily update on Monday, Dr. Shahab addrfessed the reaction of the account.

"It's very nice," Shahab said. He explained he appreciates feedback, both positive and constructive criticism.

The fan account has been keeping a tally of the number of times Dr. Shahab sports knits at the daily press conference.

This account isn’t the only place to find love for Dr. Shahab. Last month, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe echoed the appreciation for Shahab that had been expressed by Saskatchewan residents since COVID-19 first appeared in the province.

University of Regina Professor of Educational Technology and Media Alec Couros says parody accounts like this one aren’t new and that the Shahab Fan Club likely takes influence from other similar twitter accounts.

“It wouldn’t take much for someone local to understand the context and perhaps the sense of humour online or within Saskatchewan and they might play with that a little,” said Couros.

Couros added that accounts like these can be a fun and playful exercise as long as it doesn’t turn malicious.

“It’s kind of a neat practice. As long as it remains as sort of a friendly parody. If they find them endearing, for instance, I think that’s probably the case here. When someone seems to be a hero.”

With files from CTV News Regina's Taylor Rattray