The latest protest at the Saskatchewan Legislature featured more theatrics than rally cries.

Dubbed the “Austerity Awards and Banquet for the Oppressed”, the protest aimed to point fingers directly at cabinet ministers responsible for cuts in the latest provincial budget.

Released last march, the latest provincial budget included several controversial cuts, including funeral services for those on social assistance, and the shutdown of STC.

“There has been a lot of talk about what's been happening to the workers in prisons with their two thirds of a wage cut or the discussion about funeral services being cut for people on social assistance,” said Kelsey Morrison a protest organizer. “The reason that we did this and we're including all or most of the ministers the cuts are associated with, is because we really want this to be holistic, we really want those people in society represented in this action."

The evening of protest started with a public rally, and was followed by the so-called awards. Like any banquet, organizers also served food to those in attendance.

Organized by CUPE and the Stop the Cuts Coalition, the rally was the final protest before the spring session of the legislature ends this week.