REGINA -- The government of Saskatchewan says it has set a target date of June 8 for phase three of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan.

Phase three includes restaurants, bars, gyms, childcare facilities and places of worship. Personal services that didn’t open in phase two can also open under the next phase.

“June 8 is a target date,” Premier Scott Moe said at the province’s daily update on Thursday. “That date can change in all or in part, in other areas of the province.”

Phase two began on Tuesday, allowing some retail businesses and personal services to open for business. Dr. Saqib Shahab said he’s confident that phase two is “going smoothly” so far, but reminded people to avoid crowding when returning to retail stores.

Moe said as the economy continues to reopen, people need to remember to maintain proper physical distancing.

“We thought it was important to announce the date now so these businesses can begin preparing,” Moe said.

Restaurants and bars will operate at 50 per cent capacity. They will only be able to offer table service and buffets won’t be allowed. Recreation areas, like dance floors or pool tables, will have to stay closed at bars.

Shahab said restaurants need to move forward cautiously when reopening, including waiting two to four weeks to make sure there are no concerns about cases.

Childcare facilities in personal care homes will need to have separate entrances so children won’t come into contact with the elderly population. There will be a limit of 15 people per building space.

Personal services opening in phase three include:

  • Estheticians
  • Tattoo artists
  • Make-up applicators
  • Electrologists
  • Manicurists
  • Pedicurists
  • Sun tanning parlours
  • Facilities in which body piercing, bone grafting or scarification services are provided
  • Other personal service facilities

The province says it will continue to update the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan based on direction from public health officials, along with input from businesses and service providers.

Moe said the government will keep an eye on any outbreaks in the province and will monitor any new cases.

“Any delay in phase three would be, in my opinion, likely secluded to a specific community, a specific area of the of the province that may be experiencing some challenges,” he said.

Shahab said people need to continue to pay attention to little things like physical distancing, hand washing and staying home if you’re sick.

“Those little things are individual choices that we make, but they speak to the collective success we’re having as a province,” Moe said.

Some changes to the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan will be announced on Friday. These updates for phase three will include information about restaurants and licensed establishments, gyms, fitness facilities and places of worship.

Moe encouraged people to support Saskatchewan businesses in both phase two and three of the reopening plan.

The size of indoor public and private gatherings will increase to 15 people in phase three, and the size of outdoor gatherings will increase to 30.

The original Re-Open Saskatchewan plan said gatherings wouldn’t grow to 30 people until phase four. However, the updated plan will allow outdoor gatherings of that size in phase three.

“We feel very confident for most of Saskatchewan that with the efforts everyone has put in, we are able to move that up,” Shahab said.

The premier added this will allow for smaller outdoor weddings and graveside memorial services.

Guidelines are being developed for restaurants and licensed establishments, gyms and fitness facilities, and will be included in the updated plan.

The reopening plans for places of worship will be developed along with faith leaders.

SARCAN will reopen for commercial and bulk customers on June 8. It will open to the general public on June 15.