A researcher from the University of Regina has been named the recipient of the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Achievement Award.

Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos received the award at a ceremony Thursday in Saskatoon for her research on ways to improve the quality of health care in the province.

"I was completely honoured to receive that award," Hadjistavropoulos told CTV.ca.

"There's so many really good researchers in Saskatchewan, so to be selected for that award really means a ton to me."

Through her research, Hadjistavropoulos aims to increase access to mental health care for people with depression, anxiety and panic disorder.

She is also a key figure behind the movement to develop Internet cognitive behavior therapy, which would connect patients in rural areas with a therapist through the web.

"Ultimately, I hope that (the research) changes the way health care is delivered to people," Hadjistavropoulos said.

In addition to winning the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Achievement Award, Hadjistavropoulos recently received the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs Award for Excellence in Professional Training.