The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity has launched a new community hub and network, thanks to funding from the federal government.

The new community hub located on Albert Street will simply be called "SPACE," and offers a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ youth in Regina, and across the province.

The hub is occupied by the newly announced "SaskQTY Network,” for queer and trans youth aged 14-30. The idea is to promote building community and developing leadership skills for young people.

The federal government is providing $218,000 of funding through the "Canada Service Corps" program.

While the hub is easily accessible to youth in Regina, it's open to people from across the province, with the hope of specifically reaching those in rural and remote areas to provide support.

Those who helped make this project happen say it took about a year to get to the point it’s at now, and it feels good to finally see this day come.

"We will be offering support to young LGBTQ people. But the space is really about allowing LGBTQ people to develop their own programming for themselves. Nothing for us without us type of mentality. So, offering young LGBTQ people the opportunity to share their skills and to offer support to one another,” Executive Director for UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity Jacq Brasseur said.

"It’s a very important undertaking. The Canada Service Corps is intended to support both national and local organizations that work on opportunities for youth, inclusion for youth, recognizing diversity and enthusiasm,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said.

The hub can host a wide range of events, including cooking classes and comedy nights. The youth who wish to use the space can take their strengths and use them as a way to share with their community.